Villa Vaquero Site Policies and Regulations


Everyone is assigned a mailbox; USPS will deliver to your own mailbox. All packages from (UPS, FED EX, Amazon, DHL., etc.) are delivered directly to your lot.

Vehicle Speed Limits

Vehicle speed limits are posted in the Community for safe traffic movement and must be observed (speed limit 10mph).

Quiet Hours 10:00pm – 7:00am

Loud parties, excessive volume of radios, televisions or musical instruments, or any other excessive noise, will not be allowed. Tenants may not disturb the quiet enjoyment of the Community by other Tenants, residents, and guests, or by Community management.


In case of emergency when the Community office is closed call the number below to report the matter to management. If the emergency is a medical, fire or police emergency, call 911.

Emergency Management Contact Number

(623) 931-0525. Staff is on call 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Firearms and Fireworks

Firearms may not be worn in the Community or openly displayed except by sworn law enforcement personnel at any time except as provided below (restrictions not applicable to sworn law enforcement personnel). Violation of any of these firearm’s restrictions by any resident, visitor or guest shall constitute a material and irreparable breach and shall be cause for immediate termination of tenancy.

Pets Policy

No pets may be kept in the Community without prior written permission of Management. All pets must be registered at the Community office with a limit of two (2) pets per home site. Tenants are subject to pet charges as provided in their rental agreements. A pet is here defined as a domestic dog or cat. Except for small birds or fish, all other animals are prohibited. Tenants must sign a Pet Agreement before bringing the pet into the Community. Any pet cannot exceed 18” in height when measured from floor to top shoulders and cannot weigh more than twenty-five (25) pounds.

Pet Perimeters

Each Tenant is responsible for complying with all applicable state, city and county requirements with respect to licensing, vaccinations and leash laws. Dangerous breeds of animals will not be allowed. In the case of dogs, dangerous breeds include but are not limited to Chows, Dobermans, Rottweilers, Wolf-hybrids and Pit Bulls. This applies to both full and partial breed dogs. Management’s decision as to whether any pet is a dangerous breed is final and conclusive. Farm-type animals like ducks, geese, rabbits, goats, pigs, chickens, and exotic pets, like snakes and pot-belly pigs, are prohibited.

On Property Policies

Management has the right to prevent access to the Community and to remove anyone other than approved residents deemed objectionable. Objectionable persons include but are not limited to persons previously denied residency at the Community for reasons of prior evictions (unrelated to a non-payment of rent) or criminal history; persons not qualified for residency of the Community for reasons other than inability to pay rent; persons previously evicted from the Community for reasons other than non-payment of rent; persons engaged or previously engaged in criminal activity in the

Unsuitable Tenants/Guests

Community, known gang members or known gang associates; and persons who have previously materially violated Community rules or have been disruptive in the Community. Tenants permitting guests who are objectionable to be on the premises are subject to a notice of termination of tenancy for material non-compliance with Community rules. Management reserves the right to trespass or remove from the Community anyone who is not an approved tenant or occupant.

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